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Who are we?

I am a former IT nerd with a background in SEO and online marketing, as such I know how to get the most out of online content. I have Retina Pigmentosa which is a degenerative eye condition, with the main symptoms being tunnel vision and night blindness.
My wife and I have recently decided to turn our love of travel into a full time adventure. Sharing our experiences with others is something we love to do. We travel as often as we can, which can sometimes be challenging for someone with a visual impairment. However with her patience and guidance, I have become The Guided Guide.

The Guided Guide encourages people to experience the world by sharing unique destinations and experiences. We are constantly looking for new travel adventures that we can share with our audience and inspire them to try something new. We like to think that we influence the choices people make about where and how to travel.

We are available for:

  • Press trips
  • Accommodation reviews
  • Tour reviews
  • Speaking engagements
  • Sponsorship opportunities
  • Other partnerships

We offer targeted blog posts, original photography and videos that will reach a highly engaged audience of readers. We will also utilise our social media outlets to maximise coverage.

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