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Travel Tips

Travelling with a Visual Impairment

Planning any travel experience always brings its own problems. Where to go, when to go, choosing the airline with the best price, finding the most suitable accommodation for you, planning activities, and all the while staying within budget. Now throw into the mix a visual impairment and things start to get complicated. I have retinitis […]

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Packing for a RTW Trip

After a lot of discussion about the pros and cons of long term travel we have decided to spend the whole of 2018 on the road. This is a major step for us, and it will be the longest period of time we have spent away from home, our family and our friends. The temptation […]

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Getting a taxi from KL Airport

We recently had the opportunity to visit Kuala Lumpur twice in the same month (using it as a stopover on the way over and back from Thailand) and so I needed to do a little research on getting from the airport into the city. I didn’t find too much useful information online, apart from one […]

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Top 10 criteria for booking accommodation

Where you stay can make or break any travel experience. No matter how wonderful the destination, if you are staying in an unclean, unfriendly hell hole in the middle of a crime ridden suburb, chances are you’ll have a terrible time. That is why I have a set of criteria that I use in order […]

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