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Corinne and Gary in Canggu Bali

My name is Gary, I am the wrong side of fifty, I am married to Corinne, and I love to travel. I am also vision impaired. I have reached the time in my life where experiences have far greater value than material things.

It’s not unusual for someone passing fifty to start asking the big questions like “what am I doing with my life?” or “what is it that really makes me happy?”. Having degenerative vision adds a layer of urgency to see and do as much as possible whilst you still can.

After some inner reflection I looked around me and thought that I had two paths I could follow:

  • Option one is to sit around and wait to get old, feeling sorry for the hand I have been dealt, and seeing my vision impairment as an impenetrable barrier.
  • Option two is to convince Corinne that we need to see the world while we are still young enough, still have our health, and that collecting memories is more important than collecting stuff at our time of life.

I have chosen option two, and thankfully Corinne has agreed.

This blog will be used to document our travels, our experiences, and our thoughts. I hope it will give you an insight into the issues faced by a vision impaired traveller. Having Corinne by my side will of course make everything a lot easier for me. Apart from being my companion, my confidant, my love, she is in many instances ‘my eyes’. She will guide when I need guiding, show me things I fail to see, and keep me safe when I see no danger. I couldn’t do this without her.

It would be a pleasure to have you along for the ride.

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